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Frequently asked questions for hoteliers

You are owner or manager of a hotel, aparthotel or hotel residence, this frequently asked question sheet will allow you to find answers to frequently asked questions about tourism in Seine-Saint-Denis.

I would like my hotel residence to be listed in Seine-Saint-Denis Tourism : how do I proceed ? Do I have to pay for it ?

In order for your hotel to be mentioned on our site you must send us all information by email : hotel description, contact address, web site and photographs by email. Indexing of your hotel on the Seine-Saint-Denis Departmental Tourism Committee web site is free.

My hotel has been indexed : why is there access to reservation on booking.com from the description sheet of my hotel ?

The CDT93 has an affiliate programme with the booking reservation platform and earns a commission for every sale made on the www.tourisme93.com web site. This has no impact on the price of the room. The CDT93 is an association under the law of 1901. To ensure its proper functioning, it must find financial leverage. The desciption sheet shows your contacts : potential guests can also book directly through your establishment.

I would like my hotel establishment to appear on a specific tourism list: How do I proceed?

The lists of hotels situated in proximity of important sites are defined within a kilometre radius. For example, hotels close to CDG airport are within a radius of 3.9 km around Roissy airport. It is not possible to add a hotel to this list that is beyond this radius. However, your hotel could be found on the list of hotels situated on line B of the RER which serves the airport.

My hotel is indexed but has recently been renovated or has acquired an extra star : I would like to modify the hotel description or add new photos

Contact us by email to provide your modifications including visual. Atout France (french) has reviewed the number of stars your hotel has acquired : let us know !

I would like to collect numbers and statistics on the hotel industry in Seine-Saint-Denis: where can I find this information?

Consult the statistical report on hotel performance (french) in the immediate suburbs. It is up-dated each month.

I would like to inform my guests of sites to visit and activities to do around my hotel and in the North-East of Paris.

Do not hesitate to consult the different entries on our site : the agenda on shows and exhibitions, unmissable sites in Seine-Saint-Denis and our boutique on line for tours, guided walking tours and cruises. If your English-speaking customers would like to discover the Paris region, our web site is also available in English. You can also subscribe to the Seine-Saint-Denis newsletter at the top of the page to ensure you do not miss out on anything.

My hotel has use of a meeting room and can host company seminars, incentive programmes, etc. How can I make myself known to a business audience?

The CDT93 can provide services for business tourism. If your hotel in Seine-Saint-Denis hosts company events you can contact us by email at info@tourisme93.com.

My question is not in this question and answer sheet!

Your question is perhaps in one of these frequently asked question sheets :

Otherwise, forward your question on hotels in the North-East of Paris and we will answer you.

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