Futuro house

Futuro House © Tanguy de MontessonFuturo House, a true Pop icon, "landed" in the Dauphine market at St-ouen fleamarket in 2012 thanks to Benoît Ramognino from the Velvet Galerie. Futuro should have been exhibited for a short time but the success of this nomadic house made it "settle" and become the symbol of Dauphine market.

This unusual UFO design was created by the Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in 1968 following a friend's request who wanted a mobile home to go on vacation. There are only about one hundred copies of Futuro House making it a rarity.

This Nordic cousin of tiny houses can be easily moved by helicopter to be placed in areas that are difficult to reach such as snowy mountain sides. Its small size volume and materials allow the Futuro cabin to heat quickly. The house supports temperatures less than -20 degrees !

Its aesthetic design is typical of its time with futuristic architecture inspired by space conquest advances, its orange colour, its kitsch style and materials (polyester plastic and glass fiber).

You can see this atypical house during opening hours of Paris Saint-Ouen fleamarket.

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