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Marché DauphineMarché DauphineMarché DauphineMarché Dauphine

Inaugurated in 1991, Dauphine flea market is the newest but also the largest market with many antique dealers and bric a brac stalls. Signing its diversity profusely with authentic antique pieces and goods helped the Dauphine market to become a reference name in the world of parisian markets.

What to find at Dauphine market ?

Browse through the ground floor which counts quality classic items. Upstairs, on the second floor, the space is entirely devoted to old and ancient books. Vinyl records, old photos, postcards and prints are accessible at great prices. You can also find vintage video games as well as old toys stores.

Dont miss Futuro house, an architectural curiosity.

Inspired by the great achievement of glass and metal in its architectural space of the 19th century, Dauphine Market offers great authenticity with all its charms and surprises.

Antique dealers and bric a brac atmosphere

On the ground floor you'll find both general and specialized antique dealers : ancient era items, fine arts, original vintage furniture pieces, paintings and sculptures from the 18th and 19th century as well as the 20th century former antiquary of textile, musical instruments, watches of Art Deco style or industrial furniture designed 50 or 70 years ago. Don't miss our page about how to bargain old industrial furniture.

A more bric a brac atmosphere welcomes you upstairs in the midst of vintage clothing, jewelry and booksellers.  In the “carré des libraires” you'll find THE old books, photographs, gravures and lithographs that you've been looking for for so long! Some craftsmen will happily showcase their workshop of their patina work or restoration of big paintings and frames. 

In the recent years, a music-square-space has been open upstairs in the “Carré des Disquaires” Hifi vintage vendors with vinyl equipment have set up in one of the wings of the Dauphine market.

“Le carré des libraires” inside The Dauphine market showcases old books, ancient photographs, lithographs and focusses on patina work and restoration of big paintings and frames. You can make a little detour to the Malassis market and Vernaison market which are both located in the same street: Rue des Rosiers.

Exhibitions at Dauphine market

Exhibitions (objects, photographies, paintings, etc.) are often organized at Dauphine market in the exhibition space Dauphine Galery located at the frist floor, and at Ricardo Fernandes stand n° 95.


Dauphine market is accessible by two lifts, an escalator and several stairs. Dauphine market access through rue des Rosiers (Main entrance).

Opening days of the Dauphine Market:

    Friday: 10am to 1pm (for professionals only)
    Saturday : 10am to 6pm
    Sunday : 10am to 6pm
    Monday : 11am to 5pm

Marché Dauphine
140 rue des Rosiers

48.9017755 , 2.341574
tel tel : +33 (0)1 43 59 87 47
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Marché Dauphine, 140 rue des Rosiers, 93400 SAINT-OUEN
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