Hotels in and around Bobigny

You need to find accommodation near the Prefecture of Seine-Saint-Denis, take part in a competitive examination, go to a concert at the Zenith de Paris, or an exhibition at Parc des exposition in le Bourget or simply to attend a match at Stade de France? Booking a room in Bobigny is both a practical and economical solution: hotels in Bobigny are located near the A86 motorway, easily accessible via the metro, bus or tramway, and close to other transport options which cross Seine-Saint-Denis and Paris.

Hotels easy to get to from Paris to Bobigny

Bobigny is located just a few stations away from Paris Nord station and Paris Est station – about 20 minutes on metro line 5 (Terminus Pablo Picasso). You can also book a hotel room on line 5 of the Parisian metro. It you want a hotel situated close to the industrial zone "zone industrielle des Vignes" in Bobigny, opt for accommodation in one of the establishments located along the National road 2 and not very far from the Parisian cemetery in Pantin avenue du Général Leclerc and avenue Henri Barbusse. Accommodation in Pantin could suit also if you want to spend one night close to Bobigny.

Hotels in Bobigny close to the Stade de France or “Parc des expos”

If hotels are all booked out at Stade de France, Villepinte or Le Bourget exhibition center for a major event, you can make your accommodation booking in Bobigny close to the A86 motorway or consult the list of hotels near the metro or RER station. For a match or a concert at Stade de France, opt for a hotel close to the A86 using the map below. The motorway connects Bobigny to Saint-Denis and the T1 tramway also goes through here to take you from your hotel in Bobigny to the center of Saint-Denis.

Intersted by the place where you are staying? Check the things to see in Bobigny: You'll find the Paris 13 University, the deportation station, the Park de la Bergère...

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