La Briche

La Briche is an unusual place located in Saint-Denis. This industrial site is a former "cast-iron" (scrap metal site) renovated into artist and designer workshops, self-managed thanks to financial contributions and voluntary aid.

La Briche, map

Fifty artists and artisans – sculptors, designers, artisans, actors, costume designers, screen printers, sound engineers, etc., – live together in 10 collective workshops located in warehouses and millstone houses. The different buildings are grouped around two courtyards, a garden and numerous design creations.

This place is also a place of community living. The first artist, a wood sculptor, moved here in 1996 and still lives here. Today more than 50 artists, from 12 associations, live and work here. The warehouse workshop is dedicated to sculptors, builders and designers ; The “Lapin” and “Ratelier” workshops house theater manufacturers, the Cabinet Patte-Pelue houses illustrators and jewelry designers, Unicaseries- the screen printing workshop, Ubagang and the yellow workshop where glass, ceramic and synthetic materials are worked on, the textile workshop Orcanette, the “droit fil” workshop (designers, musicians and painters) and the Pick et Crack workshop, where an osteopath and an acupuncturist work and which also houses a video room.

La Briche foraine, a workshop festival is held each year since 2011 at La Briche.

La Briche
65 rue Paul Eluard

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La Briche, 65 rue Paul Eluard, 93200 SAINT-DENIS
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