Matthieu Dagorn, aka LapinThur, born in 1982, is a graphic artist and part of the 9th Concept, alongside T.O. and Olivia de Bona. After studying at the Beaux Arts in Quimper, he joined the collective in 2008. He creates paintings, sculptures, installations...
Over the years, Matthieu Dagorn's artistic approach has focused on typography and calligraphy and the use of light and shadow motifs: the result is a beautiful photophore that conveys a universal message of love à la Clara Halter. He also works with volume and optical effects. He creates masks that echo his work in abstraction, which blends which mix scrolls with quasi-organic movements and geometric shapes.

LapinThur has also worked on projects for private customers decoration of bedrooms, living rooms, cars, lamps - or textile  textile projects for T-shirt brands and boutiques. In 2012, he collaborated with a modeling agency, creating  a two-tone 3X2 canvas.

He exhibited under the name of Matthieu Dagorn at the Colors festival in Paris in 2023.

Street art in Paris

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