Montreuil Bel Air - Murs à Pêches - Paul Signac

This district in the town of Montreuil, even if somewhat removed from the center, enjoys a rich cultural life and shelters an exceptional historical site: les murs à Pêches.


This district, between nature and a quiet residential zone, has a concert venue La Pêche and “La Maison Populaire”, where shows, sports and cultural activities are proposed.

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This Montreuil district is beside Mairie de Montreuil district which is served by the Parisian metro network. Several bus lines take visitors and locals to the main tourist attractions and famous landmarks of Paris.

Père Lachaise Cemetery: 35 minutes by bus and metro
Parc Floral Vincennes: 40 minutes by bus
Marne river : 40 minutes by bus to Neuilly-sur-Marne
Trocadéro : 50 minutes by bus and metro
Euro Disneyland Paris : 60 minutes by bus and RER

The peaches gathered from the walls in Montreuil were served at the table of Louis XIV and even to the Queen of England! Today a few plots of this historical site have been entrusted to local associations. They wish to preserve the site and all the French savoir-faire known as "palissage à la loque" (tissue-covered walls for peaches to grow) a technique coming from the Paris region, and the traditional market gardens. After looking after your vegetable patch or small planted garden, enjoy a concert or a show.

Maison populaire Montreuil is an art dedicated center which hosts contemporary art exhibitions and where shows, sports and other cultural activities take place.

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