La Nef factory

La Nef Manufacture d'utopiesLa Nef - Manufacture d'utopies

La nef Pantin is an alternative creation place settled in an old brickworks located in the Pantin Church district near the 19th arrondissement of Paris. This location hosts a multidisciplinary factory: puppetry arts, object theater and contemporary writing but also music, theater, etc... The location and factory is run by Jean-Louis Heckel.

Professional interships, meetings, trainings, workshops, artist residences, spectacles, open scenes are proposed. Free shows are often on program.

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La Nef - Manufacture d'utopies
20 rue Rouget de Lisle

93500 PANTIN
48.88997089999999 , 2.4117813000000297
tel tel : 01 41 50 07 20
Getting there Getting there
Metro : Ligne 5, Église de Pantin
Vélib' : 35012 - CANDALE (PANTIN) (19m)
Vélib' : 35009 - LOLIVE 1 (PANTIN) (31m)
Vélib' : 35008 - LOLIVE 2 (PANTIN) (31m)
Vélib' : 35014 - DE GAULLE (PANTIN) (37m)
Vélib' : 35011 - D'ORVES (PANTIN) (39m)
La Nef - Manufacture d'utopies, 20 rue Rouget de Lisle, 93500 PANTIN

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