La Nef factory

La Nef - Manufacture d'utopiesLa Nef - Manufacture d'utopies

La nef Pantin is an alternative creation place settled in an old brickworks located in the Pantin Church district near the 19th arrondissement of Paris. This location hosts a multidisciplinary factory: puppetry arts, object theater and contemporary writing but also music, theater, etc... Simon Delattre, also director of the Rodéo Théâtre company, will take over as director in February 2021.

Professional interships, meetings, trainings, workshops, artist residences, spectacles, open scenes are proposed. Free shows are often on program.

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La Nef - Manufacture d'utopies
20 rue Rouget de Lisle

93500 PANTIN
48.88997089999999 , 2.4117813000000297
tel tel : 01 41 50 07 20
Getting there Getting there
Metro : Ligne 5, Église de Pantin
Vélib' : 35012 - CANDALE (PANTIN) (19m)
Vélib' : 35009 - LOLIVE 1 (PANTIN) (31m)
Vélib' : 35008 - LOLIVE 2 (PANTIN) (31m)
Vélib' : 35014 - DE GAULLE (PANTIN) (37m)
Vélib' : 35011 - D'ORVES (PANTIN) (39m)
La Nef - Manufacture d'utopies, 20 rue Rouget de Lisle, 93500 PANTIN
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