Church Notre-Dame de Livry

Église Notre-Dame de Livry

Every church has its own architectural detail or work of art characterizing it. Some of them offer just one particularity, sometimes modest, which gives it its originality. It is the case for Notre-Dame Livry-Gargan - entirely white, for Notre-Dame of Lourdes, in Pavillons-sous-Bois - constructed on stilts, or the baptismal fonts in the shape of a boat figurehead - for the church Saint-Pierre Ile-Saint-Denis.

A white church with “blind” openings

Even though there is no testimonial left of the primitive church in Livry, the presence of a small religious building, Notre-Dame-du-Breuil, was certified from the end of the nineteenth century. The current church was built on the same place as the previous one in 1820. The bell tower was rapidly aging and was removed in 1868. A new one replaced it in 1874. The architecture of the building allies simplicity of the whole to the total whiteness of its walls. Just a few somber cornices and blind spots dress the façade.

From external simplicity to inner modesty

A painted panel from the seventeenth century representing the Last Supper, illuminates the interior of Notre-Dame Livry-Gargan with its gleaming colors. This anonymous painting was recently restored. A wooden crucifix, atypical in its presentation of the anatomic shape, reveals the coarse cuts of the sculptor. A massive cross on which a robust Christ is set.

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Eglise Notre-Dame à Livry-Gargan
23 rue de l'église à Livry-Gargan

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