Le {Club}, restaurant Stade de France

stade de francestade de francestade de france

Le {Club} the panoramic restaurant in the Stade de France. Located on the 8th floor, with a plunging view over the grounds, this gastronomic restaurant welcomes you for your lunch from Monday to Friday, for corporate evening dinners (excluding event days) and can accommodate 270 seated on two levels (100 people on 1st floor and 170 people on 2nd floor).


Contact Le {Club}, restaurant Stade de France

Le {Club}, restaurant panoramique du Stade de France
Stade de France - Porte T

48.917677 , 2.35051
email antoine.gregoire@lenotre.fr (Antoine GREGOIRE)

Getting there Getting there
RER (Regional rapid transit) : B, La Plaine Stade de France
RER (Regional rapid transit) : D, Stade de France Saint Denis
Metro : Ligne 13, Porte de Paris

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