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Terminal 3 Roissy International airport

Terminal 3 Roissy CDG airport is dedicated to chartered and low cost flights. It is divided into two parts: the departures and arrivals areas. It was firstly named T0 and T9, but is finally known as Terminal 3. This terminal is the latest terminal to be built on the Roissy site. The T3 hangar is located within what is known as Roissy Pôle. It features services such as: restaurants, boutiques, luggage lockers, car rental services, etc.

Terminal 3 is easily accessible from the A1 highway and the public train transport line RER B.

If you need to book a hotel during your stop-over at CDG, it is recommended to book one as close as possible to terminal 3 or to sleep in a hotel near the RER line B. You can also opt for a hotel close to the A1 if you are driving to the airport.

CDG airport
«Charles De Gaulle Airport» par NASA — NASA/JSC. Sous licence Domaine public via Wikimedia Commons.

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