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What to see in Villepinte

Sausset park
Sausset park

The town’s exhibition park is famous the world over ; the green environment, youthful energy and dynamism make Villepinte and its inhabitants, the “Villepintois” a town in full bloom to visit for its incomparable setting, refreshed by Canal de L’Ourcq.

"Villa picta" was the original name of the city; a reference to a richly decorated ancient dwelling. Served by three highways, linked to the capital by three RER lines and by international railway lines: TGV and Thalys, Villepinte has all the facilities to attract businessmen to its highly developed Business Pole Paris Nord II and its world famous Exhibition center.

The Industrial zone established in 1970, Paris-Nord II is an international business park with its high tech companies, communication and training. The surroundings as well as the exhibition center itself are welcoming with fountains and tree-lined gardens offering a much sought-after tranquility. Built in 1981, Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Park welcomes millions of visitors all year long.

Parks, Forests and waterways

Villepinte has three major parks on its west side: Sausset Park, planted in the seventies, a nice place to relax and play, where the Sausset flows, now turned into a duck pond. Le Bois de la Tussion : a part of the former forest in Bondy, with its grassy clearings, mountain bike tracks, and children’s playground. Park La Poudrerie woodlands, the old gunpowder factory buildings are now transformed into a museum. There is also the Paul Viele Laboratory, the inventor of a smokeless Powder.

Ourcq canal and a lovely green belt running alongside it is now a place for joggers, fishermen, walkers and cyclists. Parks, squares and building entrances display spectacular floral arrangements which place the town on top of the list of the “Villes Fleuries” contest. The town is a burst of colour on summer days.

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