CitroŽn museum

Conservatoire CitroŽn near ParisThe CitroŽn museum is located Aulnay-sous-Bois in the north of Paris. It’s the historic museum of this famous brand of French cars. We can see more than 300 vehicles from 1919, with the first Citroen car, the Torpedo, a car that we can see in several movies. We can also see the mythical 2CV. This car is a legend because it’s associated in french minds with the beginning of leisure activities (roof racks for luggage). There are also the presidential cars since Charles de Gaulle, which were always CitroŽn cars, even today with FranÁois Hollande (DS5 Hybrid). Citroen has also participated in the Paris Dakar race with a lot of half-tracks and rally cars.

The Citroen museum is more than a museum because it’s a place where the cars are affectionately guarded and maintained. Some of them can be used for a film shoot which takes place in the past.

It’s one of our many visits we propose to individuals and groups. Each year almost 1000 people visit the CitroŽn museum.


A must see for any Citroen enthusiast

There is an excellent range of production vehicles from the beginning to the present. But for me it was an extra special experience to see many of the prototypes, special body and experimental vehicles on display. A big thank you to the staff and guide. Phil Ward, Australia.

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