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Placoplâtre Vaujours near ParisPlacoplâtre is number 1 in the world of plaster production. Located in Vaujours, Placoplâtre is the most important production in France. It makes 40% of the national production of plaster, that is to say 1 million tons in a year, or 62 million square meters of plaster in a year.

In this factory located near Paris, we can see the liquid plaster which flows between two pieces of cardboard in order to become a very big patch. When the plaster becomes solid, the patch is cut, dried and stored very quickly. Almost everything is automated, it’s very impressive.

The plaster used comes from natural gypsum, which is extracted from a subterranean quarry which is located just next to the factory. This gypsum quarry is another visit that we propose, I tested it last year. During this visit, we go down 30 meters underground and we discover 40 kilometers of galleries 17 meters high  with a lot of pillars. It’s  like if we were in a cathedral.

Because Seine-Saint-Denis was an industrial area, but unfortunately we have less and less companies, we work to promote the real identity of the area, based on the savoir-faire and working experience. This visit of Placoplâtre is the company most proposed company visit because Placoplâtre is open  to show theirs activities to the public. Each year, it welcomes 150 people.

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