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Silsila, le voyage des regards

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Expo Silsila à l'Ici

With the exhibition Silsila, le voyage des regards, the Institute of Islamic Cultures in the 18th arrondissement of Paris offers a questioning of transmission and representation in the works of artists residing in France whose path - or their relatives' - is linked to migration.

The exhibition takes its name from the Arabic word Silsila which means chain, referring to the links that unite people and events. The artists mix and weave together mediums and registers, figuration and abstraction, past and present. The exhibition takes us on a  journey through time and an analysis of the notion of heritage and how to overcome  the norms of traditions.

With : Himat M. Ali, M'Barka Amor, Ouassila Arras, Sabrina Belouaar, Yasmina Benabderrahmane, Rachid Boukharta, Dalila Dalléas Bouzar, Ymane Fakhir, Randa Maroufi, Katayoûn Rouhi, Maya-Inès Touam, Rayan Yasmineh, Haythem Zakaria.

Women are honored in this collective exhibition and its program of stories, concerts, lectures, film-snacks, shows and workshops for young audiences.

Visual: "Cyrus et l'odeur du Lys", 2021 © Rayan Yasmineh

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Institut des Cultures d'Islam
19 rue Léon

75018 PARIS
48.8882237 , 2.3534689
tel tel : 01 53 09 99 84
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Metro : Ligne 12, Marx-Dormoy
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Institut des Cultures d'Islam, 19 rue Léon, 75018 PARIS

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