How to find an affordable hotel in Paris

Some tips to find a low-cost hotel in Paris. You wish to stay in Paris but your budget is tight? Here are some tips to find low-cost accommodation in Paris. Find out the cheaper periods to stay in a hotel room in Paris and in the less expensive areas in Paris.

Stay cheap in Paris: what kind of accommodation ?

Check out our selection of low-priced and budget hotels in Paris.

There are attractive alternatives to traditional hotels in Paris and the surrounding area. In an aparthotel with kitchen included, you can prepare meals and spend less than the equivalent of 3 meals a day in a restaurant.

Hostels are generally the cheapest kind of accommodation in Paris. Some of them offer 4, 5 or 6 beds in rooms with bathroom and toilets: a good solution to stay with friends or for a family holiday.

Les Piaules youth accomodation in Belleville

Les Piaules youth accomodation in Belleville

You can also choose to stay in a vacation rental in the Paris area.

The best time to find a low cost hotel in Paris

The cheapest period to come to Paris

Above all, think ahead when booking your hotel: the longer you wait to book, the more likely it is that the price of the room will rise.

Few visitors know that summer can be considered as a relatively low tourist season in Paris. In summer, room prices fall because there are no more business travelers, particularly from July 15th to the end of August when more international tourists come to Paris. Also, you can enjoy the summer in Paris by taking part in events such as Paris Plages and take advantage of low-priced hotels!

Bassin de La Villette - Paris L'Eté by Viet LE

Weekends in Paris are cheaper

In the same way, very few business travelers stay in Paris at weekends. Therefore hotel prices are generally lower on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Avoid September and October

In September and October, business travelers return to the Paris area to take part in the many trade fairs (Fashion week, Maison & Objet, SIAL…) in exhibition centres such as Paris-Nord Villepinte or Paris-le-Bourget. Hotel occupancy rates are very high and prices rise.

Paris Air Show and spring in Paris

Paris Air Show takes place every two years in Le Bourget and many hotels are fully booked during this unmissable business event. The next edition will occur in June 2025 and it will be difficult to find affordable hotels at that moment. It will also be very difficult to find vacant hotel rooms in the Paris area. All the more so as spring is the season when occupancy rates are very high in the Paris region.

Find cheap neighborhoods to stay in Paris

Low-priced neighborhoods in Paris

Paris tourist centre hotels are expensive even in the 18th Arrondissement. Outside of these districts, hotel prices are sometimes lower. Besides, these Paris districts often offer visits or guided tours off the beaten tracks. A hotel of the same standing is less expensive in the 19th or 20th Arrondissements than in the Latin quarter or the super tourist districts in Paris.

Book your hotel in the Paris area

The towns around Paris are on the metro lines. Book a hotel in Pantin, Montreuil or Saint-Denis : you will be only a few minutes from the Paris tourist center.

These easily accessible towns offer a very rich cultural life along with many visits or guided tours. Discover some vibrant neighborhoods. Some of them, such as Montreuil or Pantin are sometimes compared to Brooklyn or Berlin.

Good tips on visits and cheap activities in Paris

You can find many free or low-priced visits, concerts, exhibitions and cultural outings in the Paris suburbs. In summer, free music festivals, free guided tours are proposed in Paris all year long. Enjoy attending a concert in a bar or in a small theatre and take part in a guided tour only minutes from Paris tourist centre.

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