Country Park of Ile Saint Denis

Parc départemental de l'Ile-Saint-DenisParc départemental de l'Ile-Saint-DenisParc départemental de l'Ile-Saint-Denis

From the nineteenth century, Parisians living in apartments often liked to relax in a bucolic setting in the beautiful County Park l'Ile-Saint-Denis, a hidden gem for a wonderful time. The 23 acres of the crescent-shaped park were just waiting to be explored. It has been opened since 1980. It is a great place to have a picnic, to go fishing or even to play frisbee or ball with the kids, it also includes a walking trail that loops around the Canal Saint Denis.

Parisians used to come and relax in taverns on the water banks along the canal where painters also came to seek inspiration. The park is an ideal place for leisure; simply stroll, relax and discover. The park is home to a wide range of birds and the excellent green surfaced paths are an invitation to stroll or have a picnic. It offers pleasant views over the Seine river that surrounds it. A part of the park offers a view of woodlands and shrubs that give way to a relaxing inviting clearing.

Visitors can enjoy the much to see and do at the Ile Saint Denis Park. Stroll along the surfaced paths and explore hidden corners, spot birds and wildlife or hire a bike. The visitors Centre offers walks (see the PR1 walk) and event activities regularly hosted throughout the year. Do not hesitate to pick up information leaflets.

Fauna and flora in the Ile Saint Denis Park

fauna and flora - park ile saint denisThe park offers a very interesting diversity of plants characterized by the humid area of the park. Stroll through woodlands full of life, unusual trees and all sorts of beautiful shrubs. Among the trees and shrubs bordering the path are beautiful White willows, Gluttonous Alders and Rowan trees. The park features several natural beautiful species from other countries which enhance the park such as the famous unique species from China- Ginkgo Biloba known as the maiden-hair-tree, or the American sweet-gum tree with its flamboyant autumn hazel pine and star shaped leaves. Large lawns, woodlands and numerous shrub shelters provide a haven for a variety of species of insects, mammals and about fifty various birds species.

Discover the wealth of water-plant life and wildlife to be found in the park at any time of the year due to the proximity of the river. On a gentle trail on the trace of vanishing birds, visitors will easily discover some recognizable waterfowl such as Mute Swan, Moorhen and the Coots.

The banks of the river left wild, remain a haven for many of these distinguished birds, it is a haven for many songbirds and insects attracted to wildflowers, berries and shrubs looking for shelter in this harsh world.

Playgrounds fun and relax in Ile Saint Denis

The park provides the public with :

  • A children’s playground called “la Baleine”
  • A playground called “ Phare” adapted for children with disabilities
  • Mini-tennis field, football and Ping-Pong
  • A terrace snack bar
  • Picnic table facilities
  • An information flyer available at the visitors center
  • Ile Saint Denis visitors centre information desk

The information centre in the park will give you friendly advice and information to enable you to enjoy your day out in the park. Information leaflets on all activities taking place in the parks as well as maps to help you find your way around are available on demand.

Exhibitions are held throughout the year on the works of some artists concerning the environment and the town heritage. Most of the artworks by local or touring artists in the park allow visitors to recognize the painted landscapes of Ile Saint Denis Park. The trail “Parcours des Impressionists” presented on wooden panels and viewpoints guarantees a pleasant stroll along the banks of the River Seine.

Ile Saint Denis services

  • Public toilets are available within the park with facilities for disabled people.
  • A dog park for the four-footed visitor!
  • Free parking
  • Information and security guards in the park
  • More about Ile-Saint-Denis


Parc départemental de l'Ile-Saint-Denis
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