What to do in and around Paris when it rains

Best activities in the North-East territory of Paris for rainy days.

Paris is a city prone to a lot of raining but don't let that stop you! Even if staying in and watch the rain from your window is tempting here are some things you can do in Paris even when it's rainy.  The rich cultural and leisure activities on offer in the Paris region will guarantee that you will always have something to do or see when the weather forecasts are bad.

Discover the Heritage of the North-East Paris territory when it rains

Take advantage of this poor weather to discover the historical, cultural and architectural heritage in Seine-Saint-Denis. The Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Denis and its royal necropolis offer a journey back in time to meet the kings and queens of France.

This department in Île-de-France is proud to possess a rich and varied industrial heritage. Thanks to our company-guided visits you will discover factories, workshops and laboratories.

Cultural Entertainment close to Paris to forget that it is wet and gloomy outside

The greater Paris area "Grand Paris" has an impressive number of indoor places devoted to culture : museums, exhibition spaces, media and libraries, entertainment venues… The Nord-East of Paris is not far behind. The air and space Museum located not far from the Bourget airport will deliver all the secrets of aeronautics.

Shelter in a cinema, the perfect antidote in case of gloomy weather

Rain doesn’t always mean boredom ! Keen to get away and forget the gloomy weather ? Opt for a movie in one of the cinemas in Seine-Saint-Denis. The territory has the privilege of showcasing the film industry – 7th art – making the 93 department cinema territory. Visit the Cité du Cinéma, the brainchild of the French film director Luc Besson and discover the film studios and temporary exhibitions on cinema.

Enjoy shopping ! Bad weather is perfect for shopping without feeling guilty

Are you a shopping addict, a fashion fan, collector or window shopper? Go for a shopping spree in one of the mall in the Northeast of Paris or at the covered flea market open on Saturday and Sunday.

Do Indoor sports

When the weather is too miserable to work out under the open sky, enjoy the numerous indoor sports facilities. It is an excellent way to exercise both mind and body whether it be at the swimming pool or at indoor climbing centers. The climbing center Block out proposes an indoor climbing wall, a restaurant, sauna and hamam among other impressive facilities. An excellent way to spend the day indoors !

Outdoor activities for children when it rains

La “Cité des enfants” located at La Villette features creative fun activities for children to learn. Many theaters feature a large program of various shows specifically for kids. Libraries and media centers in Seine-Saint-Denis offer story-telling sessions and fun-filled workshops for children.

Paris weather is extremely moody and you can go from pouring rain to extreme heat so check our page to find ideas of things to do to cool down when it's hot outside.

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