Parc des Beaumonts in Montreuil

Parc des Beaumonts, vue sur Montreuil © Damien Boilley

Parc des Beaumonts in Montreuil is a vast park ideal for an outing with family and friends.

This large park of twenty two hectares is a former gypsum quarry where plaster was extracted for the construction of the peach wall in the town. Open to all everyday, Parc des Beaumonts is a green lung in the greater Paris area. Located in the town of Montreuil it is very easy to get to on public transport. You can go there with friends or family using the line 9 metro and get off at Mairie de Montreuil. Playgrounds and sports facilities have been set up in the park. Go up hill and enjoy a fantastic exceptional panoramic view over Paris and Vincennes.

Preserved classified space : Natura 2000

This natural park of eleven hectares has undergone an urban space planning on the edge of the plateau : its flowery meadows, its woodlands and artificial wetlands (permanent and temporary pools) are home to many plant and animal species, including various species of rare migratory birds rarely seen in the city. This twenty two acre park, of great ecological value, is now listed as one of the Natura 2000 sites in Seine Saint Denis, it is now a space devoted to the preservation of a rare and fragile biodiversity in the territory of the European Union. If you are looking for other remarkable parks in the Montreuil area, go for a walk in the park Jean Moulin Guilands or in the Parc de Montreau.

Parc des Beaumonts
Rue Paul Doumer

48.860331 , 2.456429
tel tel : 01 48 70 68 81 (Gardes animateurs du parc)
Getting there Getting there
Bus : 122, Jean Moulin
Bus : 127, Les Beaumonts
RER (Regional rapid transit) : A, Vincennes
Metro : Ligne 9, Mairie de Montreuil
Road : Périphérique, Porte de Montreuil,
Parc des Beaumonts, Rue Paul Doumer, 93100 MONTREUIL

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