Where to sleep during the Fête de l'Humanité festival

Several accommodation solutions are possible during the Fête de l'Huma festival. You can opt to sleep at the campsite set up inside the Parc départemental de la Courneuve, or book a room in one of the nearby hotels.

Camping at the Fête de l'Huma

It is possible to sleep at the Camping during the Fête de l'Humanité, temporarily set up in the Parc departmental de la Courneuve for the event. It is the ideal option to benefit completely from the festival and spend time with the other participants. The campsite has showers and toilets for its occupants. It is accessible via rue Normandie Niemen at the Parc de la Courneuve. To get a space and sleep at the campsite it is necessary to book in advance as there is a limited number of spaces.

Hotels in proximity of Fête de l'Humanité

If the camp site is already booked out or if you prefer a more comfortable atmosphere, you can sleep in a hotel near Parc departmental de La Courneuve. The park is easily accessible by free bus-shuttles going to the festival from the different stops of the Parisian public transport: metro, bus, and RER. It is thus very convenaient to stay in a hotel close to the different stops leading directly to the festival.

Hotels located along metro line 7

Booking a hotel on line 7 of the Parisian metro is very handy and is direct to La Courneuve 8 Mai 1945 metro station. A special shuttle service goes regularly back and forth between this metro station and the Parc départemental de la Courneuve where the festival is held.

Hotels located along RER line B

The other sleeping alternative is to book a room situated on the RER line B. This solution allows for direct access to Le Bourget station from where the special shuttle service sets out for Fête de l'Huma to the Parc de la Courneuve.

Hotels located close to Gare du Nord

It is also possible to sleep in a hotel in proximity of Paris Nord station. Indeed, Le Bourget station from where the free-bus-shuttles leave for the Fête de l'Huma, is only three stations away from RER line B. It is also possible to get to La Courneuve 8 Mai 1945 metro station in less than an hour by bus 302 or by metro line 4 and then 7.

Hotels around Gare de l'Est station

Booking a hotel near Gare de l'Est is also an interesting option. It is also possible to get to the shuttle departures at La Courneuve 8 Mai 1945 station via metro line 7 in less than twenty minutes, or by taking the bus 302.

Accommodation in the centre of Paris

You can also opt for a hotel in the center of Paris, for exemple in the Saint-Michel district or in proximity of RER Châtelet - Les Halles station which takes you to Le Bourget station and the free bus-shuttles for the fête de l'humanité festival.

Accommodation centre in Aubervilliers

In addition to the standard hotel package, it is also possible to stay at the Eugène Hénaff accommodation centre in Aubervilliers where rooms are available for groups and individuals during the fête de l'humanité. The establishment was renovated in 2010 and provides services that apply to festival-goers.

By camping-car

You can park your camping-car at the campsite - camping-caravaning in Neuilly-sur-Marne that is equipped with service points for camping cars and located less than 20 km from the festival via the N34 and A86.

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