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Archaeology workshops Wednesdays 8 -12 years

Cuisson de poteries à l'atelier Franciade
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A Wednesday afternoon on the theme of archaeology ; free activity. The Archaeology unit Paris Saint-Denis  is open to visits or workshops during the afternoons. Children between 8 and 12, accompanied by an adult, can discover this captivating job – archaeology, the art of excavation. If you are fascinated by archeology, go and discover archaeological excavation sites in Nothern Paris.

The Archaeology unit is not far from Saint-Denis town centre, close to the "parc de la Légion d'Honneur". Take advantage of your time here to visit the Basilica - an historical monument.

One Wednesday per month – a workshop with the archaeologists

At each session the theme is different ! You can see, touch, handle real objects found in archaeological digs one Wednesday per month between 2pm and 4pm !

Medieval stories, object-creation workshops, identifying the different medieval pottery. 12 children maximum per group. Parents can stay (free).Free workshop or – 5 euros

Sessions and workshops are free but some can be fee-based (when you leave with your object). Approximate cost for fee-based workshops : 4 €, 5€, for 2 children : 6 euros

You must register by phone at 01.83 72 23 28 or 01 83 72 23 29

Contact Archaeology workshops Wednesdays 8 -12 years

Unité d'Archéologie de Saint-Denis
8 rue Franciade

48.9327783 , 2.3570491
tel tel : 01 83 72 23 28
01 83 72 23 29
Rates Tarif enfant  : 4 €
habitant St Denis
Tarif enfant  : 5 €
hors habitant St Denis
si pas de production sur place
From From : 8 years old
Maximum age Maximum age : 12 years old
Unité d'Archéologie de Saint-Denis, 8 rue Franciade, 93200 SAINT-DENIS

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