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Carla Fernandez exhibition at Galerie du 19M

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Exposition Carla Fernandez à la Galerie du 19M

Galerie du 19M presents a plunge into the world of designer Carla Fernandez, an exhibition to be discovered from September 16 to December 17.

Founder of the eponymous brand, Carla Fernandez is a designer at the forefront of ethical fashion, documenting and preserving the textile heritage of the indigenous communities of her country, Mexico. Her creations are made in collaboration with over 175 weavers, embroiderers and woodcarvers from the four corners of Mexico. The exhibition showcases this rich body of work, which uses traditional techniques and processes, leading to contemporary fashion.

First presented in Denver and Mexico City, the "Carla Fernández" exhibition has been expanded especially for this edition at Galerie du 19M, in collaboration with 19M's resident houses: Goossens, Massaro, Maison Michel and ERES.

The exhibition opens on September 16, Mexican Independence Day . It's also the weekend of the European Heritage Days. To mark the occasion, the École Lesage and the 19M garden will be exceptionally open to visitors to the Galerie du 19M on September 16 and 17. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this green setting is the perfect place to appreciate the weaving of concrete threads designed by Rudy Ricciotti, Grand Prix d'architecture and architect of the Mucem in Marseille.

Le 19M, manufacture de mode Chanel
2 place Skanderbeg

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Le 19M, manufacture de mode Chanel, 2 place Skanderbeg, 75019 PARIS
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