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European Open Heritage Days

More than 1000 visits each year: heritage visits, company visits, craft workshops, urban walking tours, cruises, backstage visits... Enjoy your visit.

Heritage days weekend 2023, septemberEuropean Open Heritage Days

European Heritage Days are, each year, a great opportunity to discover the heritage of the Parisian region through exceptional exhibitions, visits and guided tours most of which are free. In France, 12 million enthusiasts participate in this event each year by attending conferences, exhibitions, tours, concerts, workshops for the younger public.

The Heritage Days bear witness to the multifaceted commitment of cities, sites and local players to the preservation and enhancement of this heritage.

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This year Heritage Days will be held on Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of September 2023 all over France. As every year, there will be many free activities. In some cases, the number of entries is limited so make sure to check out the program and book your visit when necessary, even if it's free.

For its 40th edition, the Ministry of Culture and communication decided to theme the 2023 edition  "living heritage", a theme set by the Council of Europe and the European Commission.

What to visit during this event

We are still waiting for the 2023 program but in the mean time you can visit the superb necropolis of the Kings of France and check our visits.

Heritage days in family 

There are many fun activities around heritage to do as a family: treasure hunts, escape games, creative and scientific workshops, shows... to share with children, teenagers and adults.

Les Matrimoines (Her-itage days)

During the weekend of Heritage Days don't miss out on Matrimoines days ( Her-itage days). This event created in 2015 aims to highlight the heritage of women from the past with mostly free events.

Creative writing workshops, introduction to artistic works by women authors, composers, filmmakers, architects ... are just a few examples of activities organized by the Matrimoines.

Ideas of visits on the theme of heritage

There are 88 historical monuments and classified and registered sites in Seine-saint-Denis:

Many discoveries during the European Heritage Days

Seine-Saint-Denis invites visitors and those who are curious to discover its heritage through many activities suitable for all audiences: walks, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, exceptional openings ... for free! Take advantage of this opportunity to (re)discover the great must-sees of Northeast Paris, from the Basilica of Saint-Denis to the Musée du Bourget, and other more unusual sites. Some visits require prior registration, you will find all the information on the different pages of the website. In some cases, registration can be done online.

Take advantage of our website to discover our heritage all year long. More than 1,000 dates of visits throughout the year are posted on the Explore Paris store: heritage visits, visit companies, craftsmen's workshops, urban strolls, various themed cruises on the canals, backstage shows...

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