Departmental Archives Seine-Saint-Denis, Suzanne Citron

Archives Départementales de la Seine-Saint-Denis, Suzanne CitronArchives Départementales de la Seine-Saint-Denis, Suzanne Citron

The Departmental Archives of Seine-Saint-Denis exists since the creation of the department in 1964 and in Bobigny since 1970. In addition to their missions of collecting, conservation and classification, the Departmental Archives organize events throughout the year to promote and share heritage in the department of Seine Saint Denis 93.

On March 8, 2023 the name of Suzanne Citron was given to the departmental archives in Bobigny. Resistance fighter during the 39-45 war, she was arrested in June 1944 and taken to the Drancy camp. She was a teacher at the University of Paris XIII-Villetaneuse for 10 years and wrote "Le Mythe national. The history of France revisited".

Collections - Departmental Archives 93

The Departmental Archives of Seine-Saint-Denis collect public and private archives. The public archives consist of documents originating from the administrative services of the department (the towns of Seine Saint Denis manage their own collections). The private archives come from acquisitions, donations or deposits. The archives concern mainly the history of labour and social policies in Seine-Saint-Denis in the twentieth century and are mostly made up of audio visual and photographic documents. These collections are complemented by newspapers, postcards, maps and plans, etc. The collections prior to 1964 are kept at the National Archives of Paris and les Yvelines.

In 2015, the archives were enriched by a collection of plates from the Babcock and Wilcox and Worthington factories.

Conservation and communication of collections

The Archives of the department of Seine Saint Denis 93 have a mission to conserve documents by treating and restoring the originals but also by digitizing them. This way the documents are preserved and can be consulted without risk of damage. A number of documents can be consulted on line.

The collection is preserved for the benefit of the public. The documents must be classified and listed for consultation and distribution.

Communication on the collection is a public service mission and is subject to regulation: law of July 15, 2008, for the public archives and contracts for private archives.

To enhance the heritage of the department, the Archives of Bobigny organize many events: workshops for schools, training sessions for teachers, exhibitions, projections, round tables and conferences. On these occasions, the Archives invite historians, researchers, scientists, archivists, etc.

Conservation of movable heritage in Seine-Saint-Denis

The mission to conserve antiquities and art objects began in 1973 in Seine-Saint-Denis. It aims to protect movable heritage and is strictly regulated. The curator finds all movable objects to be preserved, reports any damage or loss of items, guarantees their conservation and participates in showcasing movable heritage.

Seine-Saint-Denis counts for 332 objects listed as historical monuments and 309 registered objects. Among them, include notably the tombs and funerary monuments of the kings, queens, princes et princesses of France and the sacred vases and liturgical ornaments of the Cathedral Basilica of Saint-Denis ; La Sainte Famille  in the church of Sainte-Famille in Pré Saint-Gervais; or the electric locomotive BB824 Schneider in Saint-Denis.

Access to the Archive collections of Bobigny

The Departmental Archives are open on Mondays from 10 am to 5:30 pm, Tuesday to Thursday from 9 am to 5:30 pm and on Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Communication of documents ceases between 11:45 am to 1 pm and from 4:45 pm (4:30 pm on Fridays).

Others archives in Seine-Saint-Denis.

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Archives Départementales de la Seine-Saint-Denis, Suzanne Citron
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