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National Archaeology Days

Journées européennes de l'archéologie - 2020 @inrap
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Organized by the ministry of Culture and Communication who have entrusted Inrap to steer the project, these national archaeology days  aim to unite the entire archaeology network: archaeological sites, museums, private and publics preventive  archaeological operators, scientific and technical centres of culture, universities, research laboratories, mixed research units, scholarly societies, cultural associations …

Discover the work of an archaeologist

Over these 3 days, several sites will open their doors to you. Archaeologists will explain how they work and what happen s to the objects found during excavation works. Far from being an isolated research worker, archaeologists work with many research specialists: geologists, botanists, zoologists, anthropologists, geographers, historians, architects, etc.

The work of an archaeologist is varied. He starts by making an assessment of written and  iconographic sources of the site where he will start his excavation work. He carries out surveys and excavation works, he studies, makes an inventory and protects all the vestiges  found and analyses them at the laboratory. Finally, he publishes his results in an excavation works report.

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Les Journées de l'archéologie

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Les Journées de l'archéologie,                    , 93200 SAINT-DENIS

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