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Night festival at Paris St-Ouen flea market

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La fête des Puces à Saint-OuenLa fête des Puces à Saint-Ouen

This autumn rendez-vous is now taking on an international scope. It allows a very large public (art amateurs, antique lovers or browsers) to discover or rediscover the magic atmosphere of this historically listed place! Biron market, Paul Bert Serpette market, Marché Dauphine and all the Saint-Ouen flea markets will shine even more brightly. It will open with all the beauty and diversity of that fascinating theme in the markets with songs and gypsy orchestras in the restaurants of Les Puces.

Thanks to the night festival you will discover or rediscover the magic atmosphere of this historic antique market by night! And maybe meet some famous international stars who enjoy walking in the alleys and streets at the Puces. In 2012, stars like Georges Lucas, Woody Allen, Lenny Kravitz, Lionel Ritchie, Katherine Heigl, Mireille Darc, Pierce Brosnan, Julia Roberts, Madonna, Uma Thurman were spotted here… Ramble around, and bargain, observe and maybe you will discover that your most wanted object really exists!

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Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen
124 rue des Rosiers
A l'entrée du Marché Paul Bert

48.90163495053992 , 2.34401601062018
Getting there Getting there
Bus : 21, Porte de Saint-Ouen
Bus : 60, 95, Porte Montmartre
Bus : 85, Marché aux Puces
Metro : Ligne 13, Garibaldi
Metro : Ligne 4, Porte de Clignancourt
Vélib' : 34007 - ROSIERS (SAINT OUEN) (20m)
Vélib' : 34004 - VOLTAIRE (SAINT OUEN) (31m)
Vélib' : 34003 - CURIE (SAINT OUEN) (35m)
Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen, 7 impasse Simon, 93400 SAINT-OUEN Dates when open Dates when open : From Thursday 26th September 2024 to Thursday 26th September 2024

Rates Gratuit 
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