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Métis Festival

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Metis 2022 - visuel uniquement - sans texte

The Métis Festival offers a musical journey

Métis (of mixed origins/cultures) is the keyword of the festival. Whether it be classical, improvisation or traditional music, it is composed of a rich diversity.

The concerts are free, without reservation, within the limits of available seats.

The Métis Festival will take place in the parks for free concerts.

Metis - free concert program

Musics cross to become one ; the people from different ages, cultures and horizons become one. It is undoubtedly a way to strenghten, beyond differences, a common cultural identity. Some of the concerts of the Saint-Denis  Festivals held in the Basilica of Saint-Denis are broadcasted live on the forecourt. Get more information on the Métis Festival website. The festival Métis is part of the Bel été solidaire et Olympique summer event organized by the Seine-saint-Denis department.

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