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Running at the Parisian airport

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Les foulées de l'aéroportLes foulées de l'aéroport

The running race at the airport is a free race open to all and the starting town is Drancy. It is a race on over 10 kilometres of road between Drancy and Le Bourget, in proximity of the business airport Le Bourget.

The starting point will be given at Stade Charles Sage in Drancy.
Please notice that: registration is obligatory.

Check our pages of useful information if you want to sleep in a hotel near Drancy or in accommodation near the airport Le Bourget.

Where to run in North Est Paris ?

Stade Charles Sage
63 rue du Dr Albert Schweitzer

93700 DRANCY
48.9263568 , 2.459144100000003
Stade Charles Sage, 63 rue du Dr Albert Schweitzer, 93700 DRANCY
Rates Gratuit 
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