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SIG 2024, ESRI Paris conferences

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SIG 2024, conférences Esri Paris

The French-speaking conference Esri welcomes you once again, but not necessarily to the Docks de Paris. This year, SIG is taking on a whole new look!

The Systèmes d'Information Géographique(SIG) are information systems designed to spatialize data. The Esri fair is an event centered on the ArcGIS application.

Event Program

A number of specialists will be on hand to share their know-how and experience of geographical space with you. The keynote speaker for the 2023 event is journalist Pierre Haski.

Many potential partners will be present at this event.

You can also propose to share your knowledge and experiences during this fair. It is a great opportunity to show your work and find new contacts!

Get enrolled in one of the big contests of this fair to enrich your experience and may be win a prize!

Prize will be awarded for the Posters, Story Maps, CartoCréa and 24 hours of GIS contests.

You can check the detailed program on the site.

Accomodations and hotels

You can look for hotels next to the Docks or Apart-hotels and holiday residences in the Parisian North-East.

Les Docks de Paris
87, avenue des magasins Généraux

48.9027544 , 2.3667023000000427
Getting there Getting there
Vélib' : 18103 - CHARLES HERMITE
Vélib' : 19106 - GARE EMGP
Vélib' : 32008 - EMGP NORD (SAINT DENIS)
Bus : 329, arrêt Netsquare
Vélib' : 33001 - EMGP (AUBERVILLIERS)
Metro : Ligne 12, station Front Populaire
RER (Regional rapid transit) : Ligne B, arrêt "Stade de France" ou ligne D, arrêt : La Plaine-Stade de France
Vélib' : 33001 - EMGP (AUBERVILLIERS) (11m)
Vélib' : 32008 - EMGP NORD (SAINT DENIS) (35m)
Vélib' : 19106 - GARE EMGP (45m)
Vélib' : 18103 - CHARLES HERMITE (45m)
Les Docks de Paris, 87, avenue des magasins Généraux, 93300 AUBERVILLIERS Dates when open Dates when open : From Wednesday 9th October 2024 to Thursday 10th October 2024

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