Where to stay close to Magasins Généraux

Several hotels are located in Aubervilliers, Saint Denis and the 19th Arrondissement in Paris, around the Paris docks and general warehouses and where exhibitions, trade fairs and various events are held (see list below). Opt for accommodation close to the docks or close to the Parisian public transport when on a business trip or attending an event at or around the Docks. Hotels rooms are also available near the CIFA, the center for professional wholesalers, and ready-to-wear fashion stores in Aubervilliers.

Hotels near general warehouses and line 12

Porte de la Chapelle and the ring road are situated in the immediate proximity of Magasins Généraux. To get to the Paris docks  ex EMGP, take bus 302 –Porte de la Chapelle, get off at the first stop “Pont Hainguerlot”, the entrance is located about fifty meters on the right. By car, drive along the national road 1 until number 50.

You can also stay in a hotel in Saint Denis close to Stade de France or in the city center. The town offers a wide range of accommodation in all categories. Bus N° 253 or 302 will take you to the Paris docks in 20 minutes from Stade de France.

The Paris docks are easily accessible on line 12 of the Parisian subway connecting Magasins Généraux via Front Populaire station. Book your hotel along line 12 and you will be just a few metro stations away form the docks.

Book accommodation at Porte de la Villette; public transport will take you the Paris docks in only 20 minutes. Take the tramway T3b to Porte de la Chapelle and then take the Bus 302 to Pont Haingerlot stop. The docks entrance is 50

The center of Paris is also a good solution to stay near les Magasins Généraux. Take the metro to Porte de la Chapelle and then the Bus 302 to Pont Haingerlot stop.

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