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The Artificial Kid, Elsa Vettier

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XD Julie Sas - cycle The Artificial KidXD Julie Sas - cycle The Artificial Kid

The 2022 curatorial residency at La Maison Populaire is entrusted to Elsa Vettier with her residency called The Artificial Kid composed of three exhibitions.

The name of the cycle of exhibitions is borrowed from the science fiction novel, The Artificial Kid by Bruce Sterling, published in 1980. This novel features Arti, a character who films, edits and broadcasts his films. Under the threat of a militia, he is forced to disappear from the camera's eye because he holds a compromising secret. Off-camera, he doubts the reality of what he is experiencing. Back into the public eye, will his fans recognize him?

The exhibition questions this visibilization of oneself staged on the networks, which is at the same time of the order of storytelling and self-surveillance.

Exhibition 1: Aquarium

The first exhibition Aquarium takes place from January 26th to April 23rd, 2022. Opening night will be on on January 25th from 6pm. with : Chloé Delarue, Guillaume Dénervaud, Natacha Donzé, Lamya Moussa, Harilay Rabenjamina and Julia Scher. The exhibition explores the products of surveillance or what it is supposed to bring us: transparency, security, self-narratives...

On Saturday, March 19, the Taxi Tram tour goes through the Maison Populaire and then to the CAC Brétigny, Brétigny-sur-Orge (91).

Exhibition 2 : Wonderland by Julia Scher

Wonderland de Julia Scher © Galerie Esther ShipperThe second part of The Artificial Kids, Wonderland, runs from Wednesday, May 25th to Friday, July 15th. The opening takes place on Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 from 6pm to 9 pm.

 Julia Scher, the artist, photographed seven children over the course of a year. She then enlarged these images to become part of an installation that evolves over time and exhibitions. The exhibition, which references Alice in Wonderland, shows a world where surveillance is done by children. In a child-sized control office, in a violet light, mirrors send back a distorted and regressive reflection.

Exhibition 3: Julie Sas' monographic exhibition

XD exhibition from September 21th to  December 10th, 2022. Julie Sas' opening night  is on Tuesday, September 20th, 2022 from 6pm to 9 pm.

The XD exhibition is inspired by the Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès case and reflects on the multiplication of investigations - legal, journalistic, amateur - that it has generated and the phenomenon of collective surveillance.

Visit the district of the murs à pêches in Montreuil.

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