Bucolic rural ride along Canal de l'Ourcq

Itinerary 2

Distance: 25 km
Duration: 4h

Useful and practical information: For a fun-healthy-cycling day, this 2nd itinerary bike trail continues and completes bike trail itinerary 1. It is said that the scenery is worth it, but however this trail may be harder with some obstacles such as steep hills. Choose a VTT or a VTC and be careful to go slowly on these short but steep slopes as part of the trail is tough with bumps in some areas. Use the urban and suburban bicycle lanes to cross through the small Ile de France boroughs. On your way back, do not forget that the closing time of the Poudrerie Park is quarter to eight if ever you want to cross the park back to town.

The second itinerary begins thirteen kilometers from La Geode in the town of Sevran in the North East of Paris. It is accessible by RER B at the Sevran-Livry station.

1. Start the trail at Sevran, in Seine Saint Denis, The bike path continues to the park de la Poudrerie and into the forest. Cross the bridge right into the Parc de la Poudrerie which was created in 1867.

2. Use the borough bicycle lane and ride all the length of the Canal de L’Ourcq’s banks to cross the 137 hectares of the parks. Continue your ride underneath the shade of huge weeping willow which meanders with the canal in the rhythm of the faint echo of the joyful noise of the park.

3. Cycle three kilometers parallel to the canal de L’Ourcq banks down to the bridge which overlook Villeparisis. It is the perfect spot for a family photo or a revitalizing pause with friends. On Sunday morning enjoy the large and colorful market right across the bridge.

4. From there, the cycle track continues seven kilometers to Claye Souilly where the bicycle lane ends. It is said that the haulage path is prohibited to bikers. Turn left to enter the town center but remember that most of the shop and food stores are closed at one o’clock in the afternoon.

5. On your return journey, take the same bicycle lane; it is worth the view on your way back, to stop and enjoy the “Graffiti paintings on the bridge’ walls all along both right and left banks of the canal. Make a cheerful break for a halt to watch the locks on the Ourcq for traffic regulation.

Paris Canal de l'Ourcq - park de la Poudrerie

Retrace your journey back from the “canal de l’ Ourcq” back to Sevran by the Parisian public transport network-the RER.

RER B from Claye-Souilly station  to Gare du Nord station-Paris-Nord.

To opt for a return journey by the RER line B from Claiye-Souilly, go to the RER Mitry-Mory station from the left hand side of the Ourcq canal banks. The station is located in the road “Jean Caille”. Cycle till the end of the lane, turn  and cross on to the right banks of the canal. Continue towards the borough of Gressy in Seine et Marne to take the departmental road D212 till the D139 towards Mitry-Mory. The station is just after the elevated bridge. The train takes 30 minutes to reach Paris Nord station-Gare du Nord.

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