Discover the cycle trail along Canal de l'Ourcq, from Paris to Poudrerie park

Itinerary 1
Distance: 30 km (18 miles)
Duration: 4h

Informations: The Canal de L’Ourcq trail is composed of both paved and natural surface trails, accommodating a wide range of users, pedestrians, bicyclists and skaters. For this trail track in Seine Saint Denis, the cycle track is integrally paved, but crisscrossed with a pedestrian zone all along the Canal de L’Ourcq. This popular multi-use trail-track-loop can be safely accommodated to all cyclists who comply to speed caution rules. Make sure you take care when cycling near water and give way to pedestrians. Skaters and skateboarders are also admitted but parts of the paved-path trail are difficult for inexperienced users.

1. Starting the trail from Parc de la Villette, ride through the park to the centre, you will see the Canal de L’Ourcq. Take the trail beginning on the banks near Paris-Zenith.

2.Cycle across the canal banks, away from the main town centre. One kilometer away, discover the imposing old flour-milling factory-building, one of the yesteryears manufactories in Pantin situated right near the canal banks. After the bridge at the end, look at the “Centre National de la Danse” building. This magnificent building is an example of a brutalism architectural style, which flourished worldwide in the 1950s to the 1970s.

3. To join the trail track on the other side, cross over the bridge to the other side of the canal and cycle by the old town hall built in 1816, enjoy some fantastic views of the surrounding areas of the borough of Pantin.

4. When you reach the other bank, cycle on the trail track for about 2 Km, you will arrive in Romainville where you will see TDF Hertzian tour constructed in 1984. 

5. After about 3 km, the trail will take you to the Departmental park de la Bergere. These routes are recommended for a halt to freshen up and enjoy your picnic before setting off to continue the trail. The park is beautiful and pleasant. It is easily accessible and free to explore for all boaters, walkers, cyclists and parents looking for a fun day out in the fresh air with the kids.

6.ride through the park de la Poudrerie Ride through the “park de la Bergere” and continue your trail till you reach the borough of Sevran. Cross the bridge and take the B line RER at Sevran station to return.
But all those audacious and adventurous travelers can continue their trail towards the Park de la Poudrerie in the borough of Sevran, which is about 500 meters from there. Visit the vestige of the Poudrerie museum. This park closes at 19h45.

7. The hard part will be the road back to the capital but it is worth it to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Choose the bicycle-trail-track to ride downtown to enjoy the urban city-cycle experience.

8. Most of the trail back will be on the same cycle path, but you can also opt for the effortlessly safe journey back to your starting point by the RER.

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