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La Biennale de Paname Saint-Ouen

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La Biennale de Paname  Saint-Ouen

The Biennale de Paname takes place in October/November at the Serre du Grand Parcs in Saint-Ouen, and is expanding to include other venues such as Main d'œuvres and the Pavillon de l'Arsenal in Paris. This Parisian contemporary art event is led by artists Jean-Samuel Halifi and Salomé Partouche.

The Biennale de Paname association aims to organize artistic events directly with artists, bypassing the usual art market circuit and opening up contemporary art to as many people as possible. The Biennale de Saint-Ouen is free and open to all.

The fourth edition of the Biennale de Paname will be held from September 21 to November 05, 2023.

Some twenty artists from different artistic disciplines (installations, performances, paintings, sculptures...), events (concerts, lectures, workshops...) punctuate the event.

From October 3 to 14, 2023 Mains d'Œuvres will host the Pavillon du spectacle vivant of the 4th edition of the Biennale de Paname. Every day, from Tuesday to Saturday, the Biennale team gives carte blanche to an artist, collective or company.
At the same time, in-situ, artist Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques offers a continuous autonomous interactive installation.
Free admission

Open every day except Monday, from 11am to 9pm.

List of artists exhibiting at the Biennale in Saint-Ouen in 2023: Philippe Katerine, Bilal Hamdad, Jan Erichsen, Margot Davogne, Lou Cohenn Mona Cara, Léonard Martin, Nicolas Dax, Tiifo, Léo Stern...

Discover Saint-Ouen.

Grand Parc de Saint-Ouen
12 rue Albert Dhalenne

48.91459227350646 , 2.3271476695892535
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Bus : 85, 86
Metro : Ligne 13, Mairie de Saint-Ouen
Metro : Ligne 14, Mairie de Saint-Ouen
Grand Parc de Saint-Ouen, 12 rue Albert Dhalenne, 93400 SAINT-OUEN
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