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Hatsune Miku en concert ŕ Paris - Zénith

The Hatsune Miku phenomenon returns to France for a spectacular concert at Le Zénith in Paris!

Hatsune Miku in Paris on October 29, 2024

This peppy virtual singer kicks off her European tour 2024: MIKU EXPO. After her concerts in London on October 26 and Brussels on October 28, Hatsune Miku invites you to her only concert in Paris. This virtual singer, in her futuristic world, is recognizable by her two huge blue pigtails and her computer-generated voice. She's a phenomenon and a great 3-D image show for fans, and her last tour was sold out.

Practical information

As soon as you've booked your ticket, don't forget to reserve your hotel room near the Zénith de Paris. If everything's booked up, think of the center of Paris or near the Gare du Nord or Gare de l'Est stations (line 5 of the metro serves these stations and the Porte de Pantin station, which leads to the Zenith de Paris).

If you missed the London tickets, take the Eurostar (Gare du Nord) and try your luck in Paris!

After Paris, Miku Expo will move on to Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Berlin.

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Zénith de Paris
211 avenue Jean-Jaurès

75019 PARIS
48.88909229999999 , 2.3944320000000516
tel tel : 01 44 52 54 56
0 892 68 36 22
fax fax : 01 42 49 84 77
Getting there Getting there
Vélib' : 19043 - PETITS PONTS
Vélib' : 19044 - GRANDS MOULINS
Bus : 75, 145, 151, 684, PC2, PC3, Pte de Pantin
Metro : Ligne 5, Porte de Pantin
Road : Périph, Porte de Pantin
Tram : T3b, Porte de Pantin
Vélib' : 19046 - PORTE DE PANTIN (6m)
Vélib' : 19018 - CITÉ DE LA MUSIQUE (13m)
Vélib' : 19017 - PARC DE LA VILLETTE (26m)
Vélib' : 19034 - PANTIN (28m)
Vélib' : 19019 - PETIT HONNEGER (31m)
Zénith de Paris, 211 avenue Jean-Jaurčs, 75019 PARIS Dates when open Dates when open : From Tuesday 29th October 2024 - 20:00 to Tuesday 29th October 2024 - 20:00

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