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Paris London music migrations exhibition 1962-1989

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Nowadays Paris and London are two worldwide capital cities which marked their cultural diversity. The exhibition Paris / London music connections (1962-1989) explains how music helped building the multicultural indentity of these two cities of ex-colonial empires.

Discover the political history through music

Immigrated populations favoured music, which is a universal way of expression, to communicate their claims. 

This immersive exhibition dives the visitor into production and distribution places of identity music such as record shops, night clubs etc. With numerous objects, screenings and contemporary art installations, you will be blown away by all the things to see.

The visit route

The exhibition is divided in three:

  • First you can learn about the 60's which was a disruption period where major figures emerged
  • Then, a part dedicated to the 70's shows how music became a real protest tool
  • During the third part you'll learn how a musical mix appeared in the 80's

There is a recodring studio at the hearts of the exhibition where you'll fin th show-cases, master classes, workshops or screenings.

Ska, punk, rock, rap, African and Caribbean musics...Lots of different styles will be explored.

The cultural programme around the theme of the exhibition

If you want to go futher in your discovery of music, you'll find activities for the young public at the Music museum for instance (music writing workshops, dancing, graphic creation fanzine...) and concerts of all styles in the parisian region like during the Night of Museums or the Fête de la Musique so stay tuned!

You can also discover the multicultural walking tours of Paris and its area.

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Vélib' : 12041 - BOIS DE VINCENNES
Bus : Ligne 46, Porte Dorée
Metro : Ligne 8, Porte Dorée
Tram : T3a, Porte Dorée
Vélib' : 12032 - PORTE DOREE (16m)
Vélib' : 12041 - BOIS DE VINCENNES (33m)
Musée national histoire de l'immigration - Palais de la Porte Dorée, 293 avenue Daumesnil, 75012 PARIS
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