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Shanghai Hai Pai - Biron Market

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Shanghai Hai Pai - Marché Biron

Exhibition by Valérie Barrelet in the heart of Biron Market at Paris Saint-Ouen Clignancourt Flea Market!

Discover the Haipai – school of Shanghai! It’s an expression, a notion which designates a mixture of Chinese culture and modern occidental culture. She incarnates the rebellion against traditional conventions, and also audacity in terms of innovation. Haipai was very controversial in the thirties.

Now HAI PAI culture can boast a certain understanding and Valérie Barrelet has created a typical Shanghai street presenting a mixture of artworks one more unusual than the other of these Chinese artists. You will find objects, photographs, vintage furniture and kitsch objects, street art...

Some artists taking part in the installation are : Thierry Coulon, Xiaoxiang Duan, FansacK, Wang Guangyi, Mathias Guillin, Aurélien Maréchal, Yu Pei, Liu Xia, Qing Xiao...

The Paris flea markets are open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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Marché Biron
85 rue des rosiers

48.9026639 , 2.3416697000000113
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Vélib' : 18122 - BINET
Vélib' : 34003 - CURIE (SAINT OUEN)
Vélib' : 34004 - VOLTAIRE (SAINT OUEN)
Vélib' : 34005 - LESENNE (SAINT OUEN)
Vélib' : 34007 - ROSIERS (SAINT OUEN)
Bus : 85, 95, 50, 137, 56, 60, 166, 255
Metro : Ligne 13, Garibaldi
Metro : Ligne 4, Porte de Clignancourt
Vélib' : 34004 - VOLTAIRE (SAINT OUEN) (5m)
Vélib' : 18122 - BINET (39m)
Vélib' : 34007 - ROSIERS (SAINT OUEN) (43m)
Vélib' : 34005 - LESENNE (SAINT OUEN) (48m)
Vélib' : 34003 - CURIE (SAINT OUEN) (49m)
Marché Biron, 85 rue des rosiers, 93400 SAINT-OUEN
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