Clignancourt flea markets

Visit the most famous Parisian Flea market in Porte de Clignancourt Paris also known as “Le Marché aux Puces de Saint Ouen” located near Porte de Clignancourt metro station in Paris. Come on out for fantastic deals sprawling all over the numerous blocks, covered halls and alleyways of the largest flea market. You will find a hub of best antique shops and the largest choice in furniture, jewellery, vintage clothing, books and many more awesome treasures to discover. If you like the thrill of rummaging or just meandering around for a taste of France and Parisian life, stroll round the different markets on a week end to enjoy vintage and antique deals.

Les Puces covered markets

Biron marketBiron market

Asian art, furniture from the 18th, 19th & 20th centuries.

Marché DauphineDauphine market

Various antiques, furniture, 'Carré des libraires' (the Booksellers’ Square) and art restorers, clothes vintage

Jules Valles marketJules Vallès market

The market for enlightened browsers, furniture rented for film sets.

Le Passage Paris, France Le Passage market

A wide range of clothing, furniture, old books, military garb, curios.

Malik for clothesMalik market

New and trend-setting clothes.

Malassis in Flea Market Saint-Ouen near ParisMalassis market

Antiques and decorative items, from the 17th to the 20th century.

Paul Bert flea marketPaul Bert Serpette

The trendy market, furniture, art and decorative items from the 17th century to vintage.

Vernaison market ParisVernaison

Ancient, scientific objects, toys, glassware.

Antica flea marketAntica market

Furniture & objects from the 18th & 19th centuries.

Cambo marketCambo market

A charming market at the heart of the Puces.

L'entrepot st ouenL’Entrepôt

Bulkier articles (stairs, book-cases, mantelpieces, etc.).

Dauphine market

Inaugurated in 1991, Dauphine flea market is the newest but also the largest market with many antique dealers and bric a brac stalls.

Marché Biron

Today Biron market is nicknamed the Faubourg Saint Honoré des Puces. Biron market has the reputation of being the key market hub with top of the range merchandise dating from the 18th, 19th and 20th...

Vernaison Paris Saint-Ouen

Vernaison flea market is a narrow-alleyway full of valuable antiques, collectables, Kitchenware and tableware, books and table lamps.

Marché du Plateau

Le Plateau is an open air market located on the Django Reinhardt square in Paris between the metro line 4 Porte de Clignancourt and the ring road.

Jules Vallès market

Jules Valles was created in 1938, and since then, this covered flea square market houses many antiques shops and attracts several antiquarians specialized in gadgets, postcards, posters, records, old...

Marché Malassis

Malassis market features designer furniture which relates the magnificent madness of the creative mode of the year 1970.

Malik flea market Paris

Malik Market, located in the Paris - Saint-Ouen flea market is a paradise for brand-sportswear clothing.

Le Passage market

Opened in the late 1980's, Le Passage market, extending over 1000m², located in Puces de Paris Saint Ouen offers diverse and unusual objects to lovers of all kinds of rummaging.

L'entrepot market

Opened in 1990, this spacious market « L'Entrepôt » which means warehouse is located near Paul Bert market and several covered markets in the Paris Saint-Ouen flea market.

Antica market

Antica is a small market located at Porte de Clignancourt made up of several stands. A market inviting visitors to discover beautiful objects at very affordable prices: tapestries, trinkets,...

Cambo market

Cambo market in Paris Saint-Ouen was founded in 1970 by a group of vintage merchants in a former antique furniture store. The market offers plenty of quality items...

Marché Paul Bert Serpette

Paul Bert Serpette Market became one of the most flourishing of the flea markets of Saint Ouen with excellent attendance. It is a universe of high quality trendy and upscale goods including better...
Marché Paul Bert Serpette

Lecuyer Market Saint-Ouen

Lecuyer market Paris St Ouen is reserved for professionals who trade in large quantity for export activities.
Marché L'usine et Lecuyer aux Puces de St Ouen

L'Usine market

L'Usine is reserved for market professionals in Paris Saint-Ouen flea market near Porte de Clignancourt.
Marché L'usine et Lecuyer aux Puces de St Ouen

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Markets for professionals :
Lécuyer and L’Usine : Open on weekdays.

The outside markets and the streets :

- rues Jules Vallès, Lécuyer, rue Marceau, Paul Bert, rue des Rosiers, Voltaire:  furniture, booksellers, art objects from all periods.

-Le Plateau, rue Jean Henri Fabre, avenue Michelet:  new clothes, shoes and accessories.

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