Specialties and themes

Browse through our pages dedicated to the different specialties and themes  set up by sellers at the Saint-Ouen Flea Market. The largest antiques market in Paris offers a wide range of vintage objects from all eras. You will find in the different market halls and on the streets, everything from art objects, antique and modern furniture, collectibles and accessories.

Fine Arts

Paintings, sculptures, engravings, photographs… are all present in the different markets in Paris Saint-Ouen. Browse through our pages dedicated to art dealers.


Antique dealers use the term "high epoch", invented in the nineteenth century to qualify furniture and art objects. Haute Époque furniture from the middle Ages to the seventeenth century. Find objects dating from the Renaissance under this designation. You will find many antique objects entitled Haute Epoque as well as furniture from the nineteenth century.

Furniture in the twentieth century

Art Nouveau from the early twentieth century to the eighties, modern furniture is very popular at the flea market in Saint-Ouen Porte de Clignancourt. Many merchants are specialized in furniture that comes from other regions in the world. Scandinavian Design, American, Italian, French... Read our pages dedicated to lights, lamps and candlesticks and to fireplaces.

Objects of collection

Collectors are invited to bargain-hunt on Saturday and Sunday to enlarge their collections in many sectors as diverse as archeology, primary Arts, ceramics, Asian arts, Military arts, tableware, old toys, vintage video games, records, glassware, watch, crafts, furniture, original vintage posters, books, curiosity objects...


The flea market is full of tableware, the non-specialised or specialist dealers propose silver soup tureens, crystal glass sets or that porcelain tea set of your dreams!

Clothes and accessories

It is not unusual to see celebrities (Madonna, Lana del Rey) in search of trendy luggage, leather, jewellery, silverware, vintage dresses and clothes, accessories... Endless teenagers will definitely love clothes shopping in the flea market. Find out more about visits for teenagers.

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