Ceramics at the Saint-Ouen flea market

Galerie Vauclair at Paul-Bert Serpette market - rooster ceramic, Paul ColoméraCeramics include a set of handcrafted objects caracterized by their material or manufacturing techniques. A ceramic is an object made of fired clay worked according to different techniques. The term ceramic also includes contemporary materials. Here’s a little guide of where to find ceramics at the Saint-Ouen fleamarket.

What to find in matter of ceramics 

At the Paris st-Ouen fleamarket you can find a wide choice of ceramic pieces, different techniques, materials, periods, countries and styles. 

Type of materials you can find 

You can find among ceramics objects, porcelaine, biscuit, stoneware, earthenware, barbotine, enamel. The caracteristics of these materials vary according to their composition and the way they are fired and coated. 

Ceramics objects

It is possible to find different kind of objects made of ceramic, stoneware, etc., from art ceramic to archaelogical pieces, to Art of Tableware. Numerous styles are represented : Art Déco, Art Nouveau, etc.

You will find several porcelaine pieces such as teacups, porcelaine sets, vases, statues, sculptures, plates, tea sets, table sets, carafes, etc.

You can also find furniture decorated with porcelaine or ceramic.

Ceramics styles and manufactures

Some manufactures distinguished themselves by their techniques. The most famous are the great manufactures of Sèvres, Mougin or Limoges in France, Messein in Germany...

Bargain hunters will find pieces made by famous ceramist artists and glass makers in the fleamarket alleys : Buthaud, Capron, Carriès, Deck, Dalpayrat, Lurçat, Picasso…

Ancient and modern ceramic objects

Discover the stands specialised in ceramics inside the different markets of Clignancourt Saint-Ouen.

HDC Antiquités, Paul-Bert Serpette market - selection of french ceramicsCeramics at Biron Market

The shop Tora Tori (Biron market, alley 1, stands 60 & 67) is specialised in Asian and Japanese arts. Here, you can find Meiji, Imari and Fukagawa vases, bowls and earthenware tea pots, Bijin figurines, Sumida Gawa ceramics…

Antiquités VB (Biron market, alley 1, stand 5) is a gallery specialised in European porcelaine art objects and statues from 18th to 20th centuries, and sometimes more recent from Sèvres, Meissen, Arman, Dresden, Copenhaguen, Berlin or Bayeux. You will find various ceramic objetcs : tile covering, tea bowls, tea cups, Meissen figurines, etc.

The 19th century is honored at Alain Circal’s (Biron market, alley 1, stand 93) who is specialised in Art nouveau and Art déco ceramics. You will find pieces by Auguste Delaherche, Clément Massier, Ernest Chaplet, Emile &  Jacques Lenoble, Albert & Edouard Dammouse...

The gallery Paola Lumbroso (Biron market, alley 1, stand 102). First specialised in industrial ceramics, Paola Lumbroso has today a stand of chinese porcelaine from the Far East and porcelaines from great manufactures of the 18th century, ceramics from Art Deco artists to Art Nouveau and the 50’s until renowned contemporary artists.

On the Christian Meyer’s stand Intérieur parisien XXe (Biron market, alley 1, stand 9). You will find Primavera creations, mostly vases, Jean Besnard pieces and Vallauris.

Ceramists at Paul Bert Market

Thomas tardif & Edouard Demachy at Paul-Bert Serpette marketLaurence Vauclair (Paul Bert market, alley 6, stand 79) is a barbotine of 19th century and majolica specialist. She proposes artistic ceramics signed by famous ceramists such as Théodore Deck, Eugène Collinot, Delphin Massier, Haviland, Joseph Landais, Charles-Jean Avisseau and Thomas Victor Sergent.

Nathalie Dupuis (Paul Bert market, alley 1, stand 130) is a pro on artistic ceramics from 20th century from 20’s to nowadays : unique pieces by Marcello Fantoni from 60’s, François Maréchal’s creations from 80’s, ceramics by Jean Derval, Gustave Reynaud, Mado Jolain.

Several ceramics are also available at Corcos Gallery (Paul Bert market, alley 6, stand 97) and at Daniella Matoso (Paul Bert market, alley 5 Stand 255) : d’Accolay ceramics, Georges Pelletier, Jacques Blin.

Vernaison market

Artémisia gallery (Vernaison market, alley 1, stand 31) offers pieces from Marlotte, Montigny-sur-Loing, Gien, Longwy, Sarreguemines, Onnaing workshops.

Jules Vallès market

Véronique Scaviner (Jules Vallès market, stands 38, 40 and 76) is a specialist on Vallauris ceramics from 50’s to 70’s.

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