Lights - lamps and chandeliers at the flea market Puces de Saint Ouen

Essential objects of decoration, discreet or imposing, stunningly impressive or extreme simplicity, the lamp or chandelier are not to be neglected in your interior design. Whether they be old or modern, Baccarat or Murano, luxury or modest, the light must shine a dazzling or dim light to accommodate your needs.

Find your lights at the Puces de Saint-Ouen

Some specialist stall holders in Saint Ouen flea markets propose original lamps, chandeliers, metal or glass hanging lights ; everything is possible! You can certainly come across amazing chandeliers, old or industrial, even candle stick holders… which could match quite well with your classical furniture, Art deco or Scandinavian modern design interior.

The Light awaits you at the Vernaison and Dauphine markets

It all glitters at Caroline and William Vonthron’s situated in Dauphine market - Stall 151. They propose a collection of old light fittings (1850 to 1970) according to availability. Random finds such as cage-like chandeliers, hanging lights, a pair of wall lamps, basket-like chandeliers, a Murano glass-chandelier, standard floor lamps or lamps.

Come to the flea market to discover candelabras, original lights and lamps but also to find plenty of silverware, crystal objects, and tableware at stall 17 alley 1 at “L’Ami des Arts” - Vernaison market.

Christophe Maurice, founder of CRIST’ART is situated at alley 1, Stall 7, he is designer of  lights. With his experience and savoir-faire he restores and sells chandeliers, cage-like chandeliers… - Vernaison market.

Looking for furniture and industrial lights – rendez-vous at Perrigne at stall 19 alley 1 Vernaison market.

Paul Bert Serpette market: stalls dazzle with unusual lights

Are you looking for objects from the twentieth century (1950 - 1960 - 1970), armchairs, lamps (hanging sheet metal fittings, metal lamps, furniture, etc.) ? Go round to "chez Thibaut de Longchamp" at stall 58 ter – alley 3 – in Paul Bert market.

It is at Serpette market that Jean De Mas Latrie – alley 4 Stall 18 (the entrance is located at 110 rue des rosiers) welcomes you into a room bathed in light with lamps from the 19th and 20th centuries, Murano chandeliers, floor lamps all of which are reflected in Baroque type mirrors.

The Gallery Szanto specializes in furniture from the 1970's in stainless steel, brass, metal, etc. Looking for an unusual industrial lamp ? Take a look at his new collection of the moment; floor lamps, metal or ceramic hanging lights, stainless steel lamps, at Stall 14, alley 3 – Serpette market.

Michael Vosseler (Regard Sarl) specializes in art objects and furniture from 1900 to 1980 situated inside Serpette market. From chandeliers to Italian lamps, ceramic lamps or metal ones, you are sure to find the lamp of your dreams at stall 19 – alley 5.

Guilhem Faget and Alexandre Goult at stall 20, alley 6 in Serpette market, specialize in French and Italian furniture and lights from the fifties to the seventies.

Biron market: among lights and antiques

Cone-shaped lamps, cage-like chandeliers Louis XVI or Empire, wall lamps, chandeliers, paintings… at Arnaud Catel antiques – stall 58, alley 1 at the market Biron at Puces St Ouen.

MLD Antiquités is open at 3 stalls 82, 83 and 84 in alley 1. You will find crystal chandeliers cage-like chandeliers, Baccarat chandeliers, wall lamps, candelabras but also furniture and chests of drawers Louis XVI and Empire, armchairs, tables, sculptures, etc.

Glustin Light Fittings Gallery welcomes you to its two stands 21 and 22 allée 1. Here you can find a variety of light fittings such as Murano glass lamps, lamps and lampstands made of metal or precious stones, glass or brass wall lights, chandeliers and hanging lamps with glass globes…19th century light fittings to today are regularly up for sale, genuine artistic creations.

Jean-Pierre Orinel welcomes you to his stand 239 in allée 5 at Paul Bert market. He regularly proposes lamp-sculptures made of wood, metal and steel, Italian hanging lamps, lamps from the 1970s, mirrors, small furniture items, etc.

Jean-Luc Ferrand / stall N°39, alley 1 (at the entrance of Biron market via n° 85 rue des Rosiers) welcomes you. You can find that little 19th century lamp or a bigger, 19th century one, porcelain lamps, wall lamps, girandoles, candelabras...

Violon d'Ingres – stalls 11 et 121 alley 1 at Biron market is a dance of lanterns, Baccarat hanging lights, bronze chandeliers, Murano chandeliers, lamps as well as furniture from the 19th and 20th centuries, paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries.

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