Bookstores at Paris - Saint Ouen flea market

Books, old books If you are a book worm and a good deal hunter, you will find a lot of booksellers at Paris – Saint Ouen flea market.

Old or new, rare or best-seller, latest editing/publishing or used books… the true passionate booksellers from the Paris – Saint Ouen flea market could created a stock as full as the National Library of France (Bibliothèque Nationale de France).  Whatever your interests, you will find what you are looking for when you visit the flea market.

Second-hand book sellers at Dauphine Market

The most famous place when you are looking for old/used books at the Paris – Saint Ouen flea market is « Le carré des librairies » located on the second floor at Dauphine Market. Among the different merchants, you will find Alain Rodelet - booth 197 (books from 18th and 19th centuries), KS Music – booth 129 (books from 20th century), La source du savoir – booth 216, La Librairie Bailly – booth 217 (books from 18th and 19th centuries). AMB Librairie – booth 198 (Cézanne path) has old and modern books but also engravings and postal cards. La Librairie AMK – booth 187 has books about Fine Arts, pocket books and old advertising panels.

Old books stores at Paris – Saint Ouen flea market

You can find booksellers in many parts of the flea market. You can visit the essential Librairie de l’Avenue, open daily and located at 31 rue de Lécuyer. It is one of the biggest bookstores in the market, offering a very impressive collection made of books from all centuries. You also have to stop at La Librairie Prologue on the second floor of Malassis Market which offers a large collection of Fine Arts books. You can also find bookstores at Jules Vallès Market such as Michel – booth 93, but also at Le Passage Market and Marché des Rues. In the aisle 7 at Vernaison Market, Nicolas Rémy displays books and old magazines such as Figaro Illustré, a periodical from the 19th century.

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