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U2 concert Paris Stade de France

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Date From to - 20:00

The band will be on the road again after several concerts at Stade de France in the years 2000, U2 will be back, not for just one concert but two exceptional concerts in 2017. Do not miss their Europe tour in Paris as they will be celebrating the 30th anniversary with their mythical album The Joshua Tree.

Tickets U2 at Stade de France

Want to see and hear Bono, The Edge and company live ? The presale of tickets for U2 at Stade de France will be available from January, 13th, 2017 and sales for all public are be available from Monday, 16th January and Tuesday, 17th January.

Opening act

The guest artist Noel Gallagher will play the first part of U2 concert at Stade de France. The ex from the Oasis band will be performing the first part of all the European concerts of Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary tour.

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Stade de France
Rue Henri Delaunay

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Bus : 139 et 173 (arrêt La Plaine Stade de France); 153 et 253 (arrêt Pont du canal);
Motorway : A1 sortie 2 Stade de France; A86 sortie 9 Saint-Denis la Plaine Stade de France
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