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Échos, Maja Bajevic

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Échos, Maja Bajevic

The French-Bosnian artist Maja Bajevic (Sarajevo, 1967) presents her exhibition Echoes at Les Lilas. This internationally renowned artist took refuge in France in the 90s at the time of the Yugoslav conflict.

Echoes of a common memory

This ordeal has deeply influenced Maja Bajevic's artistic work and reflection, which she expresses in video, installations and performances. She makes different voices from the present and the past, from here and elsewhere, echoes of a common memory that testify to the political construction of identities and the social and historical fractures of our time.

These works make the voices of resistance fighters and victims of repression of the 20th and 21st centuries heard and mix documents from archives and media, and exchanges made during residencies with, among others, the gospel choir of the Jean Cocteau Cultural Center. The installation at the Fort of Romainville highlights the testimonies in the form of graffiti of the Resistance fighters imprisoned by the Gestapo, which the artist reproduces using neon lights. One of them, representing a parachutist, was engraved from a prison cell in Paris by members of the Free French, and is installed at the entrance to the Romainville fort.

Around the exhibition

The exhibition started on Thursday, January 13, 2022 and allowed visitors to take part in different activities such as a podcast workshop, a visit of the exhibition and tales and stories related to the exhibition.

This exhibition was made in partnership with the Cultures Dhivers festival in Les Lilas.

Discover the commemorative sites in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Centre Culturel Jean Cocteau
35 place Charles de Gaulle

48.8827679 , 2.4187205
tel tel : 01 48 46 07 20
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Vélib' : 32602 - POULMARCH (LES LILAS)
Vélib' : 32603 - CALMETTE (LES LILAS)
Vélib' : 32604 - KOCK (LES LILAS)
Vélib' : 32605 - HORTENSIAS (LES LILAS)
Vélib' : 32606 - GARDE CHASSE (LES LILAS)
Metro : Ligne 11, Mairie des Lilas
Vélib' : 32606 - GARDE CHASSE (LES LILAS) (5m)
Vélib' : 32604 - KOCK (LES LILAS) (20m)
Vélib' : 32605 - HORTENSIAS (LES LILAS) (34m)
Vélib' : 32602 - POULMARCH (LES LILAS) (42m)
Vélib' : 32603 - CALMETTE (LES LILAS) (49m)
Centre Culturel Jean Cocteau, 35 place Charles de Gaulle, 93260 LES LILAS
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