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Fire ! Temporary exhibition at Cité des Sciences

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La Cité des sciences et de l'industrie is putting on a temporary exhibition on the theme of Fire. Rendez-vous: level -1 Explora.

Fire! An exhibition for all the family

What a great and marvellous history is that of fire and its importance in our world. It is associated with physical warmth, and, conversely, violence and destruction. A scenography highlighting the beauty of fire will be presented, showcasing various objects, videos viewed and interactive digital stations.

The exhibition showcases three ways to control fire.

Domesticating fire

Explains how to control fire. From its creation to how it is used in various rituals and ceremonies. There is also the fire that we use and the different techniques used, ceramics... Fire that provides heat and light, gathers people together becoming essential to socialisation. It stokes creativity, imagination and beliefs, in short, it is a strong and necessary element.

Understanding fire

Here we are interested in its scientific and industrial prowess. In this theme you will learn all about combustion and flames from a physical and chemical aspect. We need this kind of fire in ovens, engines, and power plants; it has a major significance in our society for all its benefits but also for its negatives effects that it induces by pollution and carbon emissions.

Fighting fires

In this last part, you will learn about how to manage fires "out of control" but especially how to be protect yourself. After a brief explanation on devastating fires, you will learn about the different ways that fire spreads in urban and forest environments, the equipment, the tools and the techniques used for fire safety. It pays tribute to firemen and their work, and also explains what to do and how to behave in case of fire.

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