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Martial arts festival at Paris 2024

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Festival des arts martiaux à Paris 2024

The 37th Festival des Arts Martiaux will be held this April 27, 2024 in Paris at the Adidas Arena Porte de la Chapelle - north of Paris. The event will bring together the world's greatest martial arts and combat sports stars and champions.

On stage will be demonstrations of combat sports and martial arts such as Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Aïkido, MMA, self-defence, Korean sabre, Artistic Martial Arts, Bunjikan Ninjutsu, Jiu Jitsu, Kajukembo, Kalarippayat, Bulkempo, Kyokushinkaï Karate... in short, almost 300 performances!

Come and discover the best of this martial arts festival at this evening show! It's the perfect opportunity for sporting encounters, discoveries, entertainment and shows!

Tickets are available on the official website and below.

Remember to book your hotel at Porte de la Chapelle or rent a hotel near the Adidas Arena Paris.

Time for a weekend away? Do some sightseeing and visit the Puces de St Ouen or the amazing Basilique des rois de France !

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Tickets - Festival 2024 des arts martiaux - Paris

Adidas Arena Porte de la Chapelle
58 boulevard Ney

75018 PARIS
48.8990985 , 2.3599951
Getting there Getting there
Bus : 153, Porte de la Chapelle
Vélib' : 18048 - PORTE DE LA CHAPELLE
Vélib' : 18102 - RUE DE LA CHAPELLE
Vélib' : 18103 - CHARLES HERMITE
Bus : 350, Porte de la Chapelle
Metro : Ligne 12, Porte de la Chapelle
Tram : T3b, Porte de la Chapelle
Adidas Arena Porte de la Chapelle, 58 boulevard Ney, 75018 PARIS Dates when open Dates when open : From Saturday 27th April 2024 - 19:45 to Saturday 27th April 2024 - 19:45

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