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Walter de Maria, Truth/Beauty

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Walter de Maria, Truth/Beauty

The Art Gallery Larry Gagosian Paris Le Bourget, located in front of the runway track of Le Bourget international business airport, welcomes for the first time the exhibition dedicated to the American artist Walter de Maria. Gagosian gallery has collaborated on the project with the artist succession.

The exhibition "TRUTH/BEAUTY" counts two sculptures and drawings. The name of the exhibition refers to a series 7 pairs of sculptures designed by Walter de Maria in early 90s. It consists of sculptures of steel bar fixed upon the ground. These art works has been completed by his succession after his death in 2013. Tyhe pairs of sculptures, Large Rod Series: Circle/Rectangle 11 (1986) exposed at Gagosian is visble from the mezzanine and installed on a Persian carpet "Agra, Palmette, Nuage" (in the early mid 19s.) lend by Moshe Tabibnia Gallery of Milan. The series "The Pure Polygon Series" (1975-76) is composed of 7 pencil drawings which all starts by a triangle and continue differently.

This Californian avant-garde artist enshrined in artistic 4 movements: minimalism, conceptual art, Land Art and Installation Art. These œuvres can be seen in most museums around the world: at Stedelijk Museum, at Amsterdam, at Georges Pompidou Centre Paris, MUMOK in Vienna, Guggenheim Museum New York, etc.

Image: "Walter De Maria," installation view. Artwork © 2016 Estate of Walter De Maria. Photo by Thomas Lannes

While visiting the exhibition at Le Bourget, enjoy a visit of Air and Espace Museum. Do not miss the contemporary Art exhibitions at the Thaddaeus Ropac gallery : James Rosenquist and Lucinda Childs/Sol Lewitt.

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