10 reasons to visit the Bourget Air and Space Museum

Since the beginning, the Air and Space museum was designed as a general interest museum aiming to take into consideration a French and Foreign, civil and military aviation. Exhibitions and activities are proposed here attracting young and old. So here are 10 good reasons to visit the Air and Space museum, with family or friends :

1 - Interact with the myths of aviation and wander around the collection of aircrafts

Aviation Pioneers GalleryDuring your visit, you will walk among some of the gems of aviation ! Come and discover the history of aviation thanks to the collection of planes dating before 1900, such as the Demoiselle de Santos-Dumont, war planes such as the Nieuport 11 (plane from the 1st World War), or more recently the Concorde.

2 - Visit legendary aircrafts

Guided visits of  the Boeing and Concorde are proposed, commentaries are given by conference guides from  the Air and Space museum  - MAE. With the combined plane ticket included in the visit, you can  board two other planes : the Dakota and Super-Frelon.

3- Discover the new Planetarium show

Aviation Pioneers GalleryDo you know Venus, Mars, Jupiter ? These are of course the planets orbiting the Sun just like the Earth. Do you know 51 Pegasi b or 55 Cancri c ? No ? It’s normal ! These are extrasolar planets, which means that they orbit other stars other than the Sun. A passionate voyage to discover the stars on the occasion of this new show. See three sun sets, get close to a pulsar and discover the immense diversity of these stars that science has just recently begun to discover. With perhaps, in the future, the possibility of discovering extraterrestrial life!

4 - The emotions that come with the arrival of legendary aircrafts to the museum

In 2009, the Air and Space Museum accommodated 15 airplanes. This meant more than one per month the most famous being the Alouette III and La Corvette (Business Jet). Alouette III was given by the Groupement Hélicoptère de la Sécurité Civile (GHSC) - Helicopter Civil Security Group, in Chamonix, its most recent base. It clocked 13,600 flight hours with more than 10,000 people rescued.

5 - Enjoy yourself with friends or family at the Hélice restaurant

"At the foot of the runways", boasting a large terrace stretching under the wings of the Boeing 747, you will find the restaurant Hélice, a French and international versatile cuisine ,that opened its doors on Thursday 10th September 2009. Within an original decor, covering several themes (aircraft cabin, tarmac, starry sky), Hélice restaurant is an original and convivial space right in the heart of the platform. A restaurant to satisfy all tastes, with a lounge, restaurant, bar, as well as a light snack bar. The restaurant opens right onto the tarmac (blue arrow on the map below). Access is at the museum entrance direction Boeing 747.

6 – Take part in events proposed by the museum

The museum proposes events such Aéropuces (collector’s markets), Starry night, temporary exhibitions on astronomy and Space, Carrefour de l'air (an event dedicated to aviation heritage). The Air and Space Museum also participates in some major national events such as Nuit des Musées – Museum night or Europeans heritage days, during which time the museum opens its reserves and gives access to its restoration workshops in Dugny.

7- Experiment in the area dedicated to 6-12 years: "Planète Pilote"

Planète Pilote, is a 1,000m² space dedicated to children offering them the opportunity to become a pilot or even an astronaut. It is entirely dedicated to the family, school or play-schools from 6 to12 years old. “Planète Pilote” is a one-and-a-half hour, interactive and educational aviation journey. There are more than 40 fun experiments to observe and understand the phenomena of air and space : feel the force of air in movement, discover the ballet of planes on the tarmac from the control tower; learn about the living conditions in a space station.

8 - Play and win surprises throughout the year!

Throughout the year; the Air and Space Museum organizes contests where you can win :

- VIP invitations for a day on the terrace during Paris Air Show at Le Bourget,
- VIP visits of the Concorde cockpit, etc.

9 - Go so far... So close to Paris

Come and discover Space and Planes from around the world without leaving Ile-de-France.

10 - Air and Space museum: free and easily accessible! 

Good to know: the museum is open on May 1st (Labor day), and on other holidays.

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