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Exposition Terra Data Cité des Sciences

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Exposition Terra Data

We are surrounded by machines, digital technology devices such as computers, telephones, etc. Each of them produces data endlessly, so what can be done? How to treat all this digital information which has become an integrate part of our lives. The exhibition is atypical as Terra Data was designed with the help of the public according to a participative processes which involved 70 volunteers.

Data land, Terra Data, an exhibition to ask questions

At the entrance, pay attention to Serge Abiteboul, research director at Inria, who gives the first key to understanding this problem. Why should we be interested in digital data today? What is massive data analysis, how to transform this data into usable knowledge, follow the algorithms… have fun while making the knot of your tie according to an algorithm, discover all there is to know about cookies, try to erase your digital records, etc.

4 spaces are dedicated to asking the question:

1. Data, what is it?

2. Data, how to treat it?

3. Data, how to transform it, change it?

4. Data, what impact does it have in our lives?

Exhibition recommended for children from 11 years old – free for children under 2. Ticket includes visit of the Argonaute and the planetarium.

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In July and August 2017, go to the park and take a shuttle at Canal de l'Ourcq (open on weekends only).

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