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Grisailles, Miquel Barceló

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Grisailles, Miquel Barceló

The Ropac gallery introduces you to the new painting series of the Mallorcan artist Miquel Barceló. This exhibition of still life is called Grisailles because they offer variations on the historical tradition of dullness paintings.

Miquel Barceló's art is inspired by the environment in which he lives, the island of Mallorca. He draws his influences from his extensive knowledge of art history and particularly Dutch painting of the 17th century, the Spanish genre of the bogedón and the vanities.

The paintings represent objects that remind the observer of his mortality in the tradition of Memento Mori - skulls, bones, shells... - contrasted by vegetal elements, symbols of life. The marine creatures (eels, shrimps, fish and octopus...) fished by Miquel Barceló himself on his island, evoke the excesses of our time and remind us of the importance of the link with nature and the earth.

The work Grisaille à l'espadon (2022), which belongs to the new series of still lifes by Miquel Barceló presented in Pantin, will be shown at the Louvre from October 12, 2022 to January 23, 2023, as part of the exhibition on the genre Les Choses.

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